Sheringdale Marathon

The Sheringdale Marathon to raise money for a trip to the seaside and to help get your children fit and active.

We hope everyone is making great progress with the Sheringdale Marathon and pestering family and friends to sponsor them! If you’ve not got involved yet, there’s still time, especially to do the half marathon or go for the full marathon and tally everything up in retrospect.  

To celebrate the end of the marathon fundraiser, the PTA has organised a meet up at Coronation Gardens on Sunday 20th June (after Father’s Day lunches), from 3.30-5pm. Mums and dads can relax on a picnic blanket while their little runners clock up any additional laps / miles needed to finish their goal. The fastest lap and funniest outfit will both get a bonus mile and a treat to take home! Also an ideal opportunity to meet up with class friends and parents over the weekend. We hope to see you there!

We would love to see photos of your children out running/walking and if you’re happy for us to share them on social media, please either tag the PTA on Instagram or Facebook or email them through to us at


 What to do 

Log your distances over the four weeks, use the example routes on – and remember to look out along the way for hidden seaside items! 

  • Any distance however small can be included 
  • Log your walk to and from school, the walk to clubs and friends’ houses 
  • Add weekend walks in the park with your family 
  • The Indoor rainy-day workout will count as 1 mile 
  • Don’t forget to add your weekly PE classes to your distance 
  • Ask a parent to help you estimate these distances 

You will see how easily it adds up! 

One mile routes to try!

Southfields Tube Station Mile

Start at Southfields Tube Station, run down Wimbledon Park Road, turn LEFT onto Granville road, go under the bridge to the roundabout and LEFT onto Sunderland Grove, run to the end of the road, then LEFT back to Southfield’s Tube Station.

Grid Mile

Start at the Food & Wine on Replingham Road, run down towards Olive garden restaurant and turn RIGHT into Clonmore Street, run all the way to Revelstoke Road, turn RIGHT up towards the park then RIGHT into Elsenham Street and back to the start at the Food & Wine shop.

Wimbledon Park Mile

Start at the entrance to the park on Wimbledon Park Road and run down the path towards the athletics track, keep the track on your right and run all the way to the boathouse, past the ducks and all the way to the playground, turn LEFT and run between the café and the tennis courts, cross the small bridge, run up and around the car park at the Revelstoke entrance and continue back on the path to where you started.

Coronation Garden Mile

Start at the entrance on Pirbright Road, run down the path into the park and take a RIGHT down the first path, all the way to the end, turn LEFT and run to the far side and turn LEFT again and run right up the far side of the park, turn LEFT and do this circuit 6 times for your mile.

Rainy Day option:

1 min BURPIES, 1 min SIT UPS, 1 min STAR JUMPS, 1 min PRESS UPS, 1 min SQUATS = 1 mile