Fever Tree

Order your Christmas Tree through Sheringdale PTA 

Keeping up the tradition, once again this year Sheringdale PTA will be selling Christmas Trees to raise money for the school. 

We are partnering again with Trees for Christmas and will be selling premium grade Nordman Fir trees sourced from Denmark and Scotland. All the trees are from sustainable plantations that are fully replanted after harvest. 

We welcome orders from anyone, you don’t have to be a parent at Sheringdale. We have many repeat orders year on year from grandparents, neighbours, friends as well as the local community. Please do share the link. 

There are 5 sizes of trees all competitively priced – we aim to offer great value for money. 

Super Grade Black Tag 3-4ft  – £25

Super Grade Pink Tag 4-5ft – £30

Premium Grade Yellow Tag 5-6 ft – £35

Premium Grade Blue Tag 6ft – 6ft-6in – £42

Premium Grade While Tag 6ft 6in-8ft – £50

Tree collection will be on Sunday 5th December, from 2pm, at the entrance on Standen Road. 

To order, please follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the payment link below for the tree size you require. 
  2. Make payment directly through that link. 
  3. Complete the order form, Christmas Tree Order Form 2021, and input the unique receipt number provided upon payment into the payment section of your form. 

Payment Links

Premium Grade White Tag 6 ft 6 in – 8 ft  – £50
Premium Grade Blue Tag 6 ft – 6 ft 6 in – £42
First Grade Yellow Tag 5-6 ft –  £35
Super Grade Pink Tag 4-5 ft  – £30
Super Grade Black Tag 3-4 ft – £25


If you have any problems or queries please contact us at Sheringdale PTA.