Parenting Webinar


Elaine’s session is entitled Bringing Out the Best in your Children and will cover:  

  • Ways of motivating children to want to do their best 
  • How to focus on the positive aspects of your child’s behaviour, no matter how small they are 
  • How to encourage your child to try hard and to persevere
  • Practical ways of setting things up so that children are likely to get it right 

When our children don’t do as we ask, it can leave us feeling helpless, and sometimes we lose our cool. Adults have the experience, wisdom, perspective and mature brains that children don’t have, and it is our job as parents to teach our children right from wrong.  This webinar looks at ways of motivating children to do what is required of them (without nagging or pressurising them), empathising with them when they don’t want to, and framing instruction in a way that makes it more likely they will do as they are asked, first time. The result will hopefully increase self- esteem in your children, encourage more cooperation in the parent/ children relationship and promote greater harmony at home.

We are sure we can all relate to the above, particularly at the moment and we really hope that this session will provide some practical support. 

The PTA are pleased to be funding the session and therefore it will be free to all Sheringdale families. 

When: Feb 4, 2021 8:00 – 9:00 PM London

Please register in advance for this meeting and in the “Questions & Comments” section of the registration form, please also note down your child’s name and year.

About Elaine Halligan

Elaine is a parenting coach, speaker  and author of ‘My Child’s Different’. Her expertise was born from real life experience, when her son was excluded from his third school at the age of seven. Using The Parent Practice methodology, her son’s sense of self worth was restored with lots of positive encouragement, giving him responsibility, encouraging independence, helping him understand and accept his feelings of difference, his anxieties, frustrations and anger, and helping him learn from failure and bounce back from set-backs.  

The outcome was he finished school as Head Boy, and is now a budding entrepreneur. A huge testament to the transformative work and impact The Parent Practice has on families and children. 

She’s not Wonder Woman or Super Nanny, not Mary Poppins or Nanny McPhee, she’s just herself (and in essence, she’s probably you) and that’s what makes her different. She’s been at the end of her tether wondering why her child is different and what she can do to support him.  She has learned first hand the skills it takes not just to survive the struggle but to get to the other side and change the story.  

It’s her  mission to create a happier future generation by sharing parenting strategies that will have an authentic impact, transforming challenging children into confident and contented children with her personal style and a positive approach.